May 15, 2018

Summer 2018 Photo Editing Workshop


Strong Visual Narratives:
-The craft of selecting and sequencing your photos-

Photography is a language, and like all languages, we must learn its vocabulary for us to communicate with it. Much has been taught about the importance of the decisive moment in a single photograph, but for those of us who are storytellers and documentarians, stories are more than just a single photo. They are a collection of photos strung together in an intentional, coherent narrative. A story is not a word; it’s a paragraph. It’s a chapter. It’s a novel.

This will not be a workshop where we talk about the rule of thirds or if Sony is better than Nikon; I will instead focus on how to sequence and structure a group of photos into a thoughtful collection that makes visual sense. We will look at the craft that goes into making your photo selections more meaningful and impactful. We’ll talk about how to make a tight edit, and that less is almost always more. Most importantly, we’ll edit real work—and if you’re feeling bold—you can offer up one of your stories or sessions to be one of the edits we look at as a group. It’s a little scary and vulnerable, but I promise your work will grow from it. Please note: you do not have to have a story or project you’re working on to learn from this class. Photo editing is a crucial part of making selections and sequences for your blog, Instagram and client slideshows.

I will be joined by a colleague and frequent collaborator, and we will talk about the incredible importance of collaborating with an editor or peer you respect. As picture-takers we are often too emotionally close to our work and we need the gentle nudging from a fresh set of eyes to make our stories stronger. There’s a big difference between your favorite photo and the best photo, and we’ll talk about how collaboration can foster a more nuanced and mature understanding of your own work.

Join me on June 26th for a three-hour, interactive online workshop that will help you see your work in a new light. For a glimpse into my thoughts on the art and practice of photography, you can read my notes for when I was a judge for the Documentary Family Awards earlier this year or read about my teaching background.

Email me at to reserve a spot for the workshop. Payment can be sent through Venmo (ryanchristopherjones) or PayPal ( 

When: Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Where: Online classroom through Zoom

When: 11am-2PM Eastern Standard Time

How much: $275, Venmo (ryanchristopherjones) or PayPal (

I am a regular contributor to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and editorial clients include CNN, The Intercept, Newsweek, ProPublica, The Washington Post, KyodoNews, Buzzfeed News, AARP, and Der Spiegel.

Note: I use the word “edit” to mean the process in which photographers select and sequence their photos; I do not mean it as a term for “toning” in Lightroom or Photoshop